Easily is the answer if you’ve been wondering how to build your own hummingbird feeder DIY. It is simple and inexpensive to attract these delightful little birds to your home.

To build your own hummingbird feeder, you need a container or reservoir for the nectar and a way for the birds to access the food. Common household items for simple feeders include:

1. Peanut butter or mayonnaise jars,

2. Plastic drinking cups,

3. Mason or other jars,

4. Sandwich box or a container deli meat came in,

5. Leftover yarn, twine or flexible wire,

6. Brightly colored paint or duct tape,

7. Soldering iron, knitting needle, nail or screwdriver.

Perhaps you’re accustomed to seeing the hanging type hummingbird feeders and think you need to hang your feeder. Not really. Hummingbirds are happy to feed from the railings of your deck, balcony, or front porch. Place a feeder, and they will most likely come.

A bonus is that the larger orioles also feed on nectar and may follow hummers to your stations. If orioles are part of your bird life and you want to invite them to your stations, make at least some feeder holes bigger.

Reservoir And Feeding Stations

Decide on the container you plan to use. Plastic jars can be used as is or trimmed down and the lidded section set down into a much reduced container. In most, you put the drinking holes directly into the brightly colored lids. Red and yellow are best, but the hummers learn quickly and will find about any feeder you put out.

If you are using an unaltered jar, remove the labels or even spray-paint the exterior. If you have a clear container, simple squares of brightly colored tape can be placed slightly above the fill line. Punch a hole in the center of the square tape. How much nectar you wish to use per receptacle is up to you. Place the feeding stations accordingly. This step works well with plastic cups as well as deeper plastic jars.

Those living in farmhouses or who love the country look may want to use Mason jars. The smaller, shorter jam and jelly ones are good. Spray paint the lids a bright color and punch holes in the lids with a soldering iron, nail or screw driver. A hot knitting needle will work on plastic lids.

As you can see, any container with a lid can be creatively recycled into feeders to attract hummingbirds.

The Hanging Question

If you have a suitable space to hang feeders, you simply add a hanger. Use strong twine, knitting yarn or wire, but please DO NOT USE fishing line. Because it is invisible, the birds will injure themselves.

For most receptacles, wind the hanger material around the top and create a loop. Even long twist ties from food items can be used as hangers if you poke two holes close together in the container’s top. This works best with screw-ons. If you’ve chosen a drinking cup container, you need to punch holes directly across from each other and thread the hanging material through them and tie. Sandwich boxes and deli containers are more suitable for placement on railings.

The beauty of using recycled materials is that after you’ve cleaned and refilled them a few times, you can toss them without qualm and put out clean new feeders to keep your hummers healthier. These feeders are quick to make and an easy way to bring nature to you. They are a great craft project for children’s groups, and a few extra materials can be added for art class projects.