The sight of hummingbirds buzzing around your yard and hanging out near your flowers and trees is truly impressive. This gives your compound that beautiful and natural look. In addition, hummingbirds flying around your yard will make a positive impression on your kids and your guests. The problem is that you have no magic wand to attract these birds. Hummingbirds cannot read so sending out invitation letters to them will not work. However, there are great tips for attracting hummingbirds to your yard. Try out the tips above and they will work for you.

1. Plant Flowers

Hummingbirds love flowers and the brighter the petals, the better for your plan for attracting hummingbirds. For best result, you should plant flowers that have bright-colored petals. Red, yellow, blue and orange colors draw the hummingbirds like magnets so make sure you have all these colors in your garden. For best results, you should program your flowers so that they bloom simultaneously. Once you have a rainbow of colors in your yard. The hummingbirds will definitely come visiting. 

2. Get A Mister

A mister comes from the word “mist”. It is a small attachment you can place on your regular water hose. Once you have this mister in place, just turn the tap down to a trickle. The mister will shoot a fine spray of mist into the air. Hummingbirds love to take a bath as long as they have a regular supply of water. Get your mister and you will attract many hummingbirds with this simple device.

3. Plant Flowers with Sweet Nectar

Hummingbirds love a mister and they love flowers with bright petals. However, some of these birds have a sweet tooth so you should indulge them. Plant flowers with sweet nectar and the hummingbirds will come flocking to your yard. In case you do not know which flowers to plant, you should consult a horticulturist.

4. Provide Perches for Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds beat their wings at the amazing rate of 80 beats per second. After all that activity, these birds need a break so you should provide perches in strategic places in your compound for them. These perches should be elevated so they will serve as vantage viewing points for the birds. A smart hummingbird will simply dive from these perches to grab a passing insect once in a while.

5. Do Not Remove Spider Webs

Do not get rid of the spider webs in your yard because your hummingbirds need them. Hummingbirds use spider webs to construct their nests so you should ensure that these raw materials are always available for them. In addition, hummingbirds love insects so they can always get some from the spider webs. This saves them the trouble of hunting for insects so they can use their energy for other activities.

6. Use Bright-Colored Ribbons

Hummingbirds love bright colors so you can use red and orange ribbons to attract them to your yard. Just tie these ribbons to trees and perches in your yard. These colored ribbons will attract passing hummingbirds. When they come down to investigate, they will see your feeders, mister, perches and flowers. This will make them realize they are in the right place and they will stay.

7. Provide Feeders

If your hummingbirds know there is always food in your yard, they will not go elsewhere. Provide feeders and place them in strategy locations in your compound. This way the birds will always have a feast when they come visiting. Before you know it, your hummingbirds will spread the word and you will always have these wonderful guests in your yard. 

Final Word

Hummingbirds are excellent birds to have in your yard. If you want to attract these birds, just try out the tips above and they will work for you.